Lyon Solution Services Launches Tax Streamlining Business

Sydney, NSW 18 September 2006 — Lyon Solution Services (LSS) is pleased to announce the launch of a new service aimed at streamlining and controlling the corporate tax reporting and compliance functions of large businesses.

Duncan Lyon, Managing Director of LSS, says that “despite high investment in technology and systems to handle tax consolidation, IFRS and BAS in recent years, there are still clearly a large number of bottlenecks and internal control weaknesses in the tax compliance and reporting functions of big businesses.

Many of the technology solutions implemented have not delivered the returns that were promised and corporate tax staff are compensating with manual workarounds and unreliable spreadsheet-based solutions.”

LSS provides an independent consulting service to determine the goals and objectives of a corporate tax function and to prepare and deliver on a practical plan for streamlining and controlling its tax operations.

About Lyon Solution Services

Lyon Solution Services Pty Limited was founded by Managing Director, Duncan Lyon. LSS works with large corporations to streamline and control their group tax operations by improving tax processes and systems, evaluating, selecting and rolling out effective technology solutions. LSS is based in Sydney, Australia. For more information, please visit

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