Tax Software Health Check

Are you suffering from the following symptoms?

  • Your current tax software platform is not giving you the productivity gains you were hoping for.
  • Your tax and finance staff are still using band-aid spreadsheets to bypass limitations in your tax software.
  • There are untapped features and power in your tax software that your overworked team doesn’t have time to exploit.
  • Bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the use of your tax software are affecting staff morale.


If so, we recommend that you book in with Lyon Solutions for a Tax Software Health Check without delay!

Our Tax Software Health Check is a painless examination made by a qualified tax physician, who will quickly identify the cause of your complaint and make recommendations for bringing your team’s productivity back to full strength.

Lyon Solutions will perform an independent review of your current systems and processes, focusing on the reported problem areas.

We will talk to your key personnel and stakeholders and examine relevant system functionality, interfaces and process documentation to understand the underlying causes of the bottlenecks and issues being experienced.

At the completion of our review we will provide you with a “plain-English” Health Check Report, summarising the key issues, explaining root causes of the problems and providing recommendations on resolving issues.  Our recommendations will range from “quick wins” through to training requirements and strategic changes in systems, processes, roles and responsibilities.

As Lyon Solutions operates independently from any tax software vendors, you can be sure that our advice will be objective. We will also be pleased to act as your advocate in any discussions with tax software suppliers in resolving technology-related issues.

So contact us today to book up your Tax Software Health Check and put smiles back on the faces of your tax team!